Fear & Faith: Taking the First Step


Sometime today, I will be publishing my very first book. I’m kinetic with the excitement of it all.

WYSAK has been such a wonderful journey; it holds a very special place in my heart because it is the very first piece of me that I will be sharing with the world, at large.

I started writing very young; it is the form of expression that feels the most natural to me. But, for the longest time, I stopped completely. I thought I had lost that part of myself, until one day, I was reminded that it was too precious to lose.

It was incredibly difficult to start again; frustrating and consuming.
Now it feels terrifying to put it out there.

But, put ourselves out, we must.

Sure, not everyone is going to like it. It might not go very far at all. We put ourselves at risk, holding up a part of ourselves for criticism, maybe ridicule. We stand up, knowing full well that we may take a shot, or a hundred.

But, stand up, we must.

So as I take this monumental step, I encourage the same of you:

Write that dream book.
Be brave with that start-up.
Go on that trip.
Step on that stage.
Find your voice and say whatever you’ve always wanted to say.

In a perfect world, we would all be bravehearts ready to put more of ourselves outside of us, without skin and bones for protection.

The part of you that you anchor out at sea, independent of you, is resilient. It is you but, it is greater than you. In a very elemental way, it is different from you:
It is immortal.
It is change.
It is hope.

So, take a little bit of your soul and put it out there into the world. Yes, it might get bruised and trampled on. Yes, the world is scary.

However, I say your focus is wrong. You’re looking at it from the wrong end. It’s not about what the world can do to you, it’s about what you can do to the world.

And you?
You can do wonders.

What Your Soul Already Knows

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